The Wedgevent System


Wedgevent System is the only proven moisture release system that prevents and cures paint failure and cedar bleed problems on shingles and clapboard siding. If you have moisture problems, Donald R Ross & Son has the solution.

The Wedgevent system was developed and patented by Donald Ross and has been used successfully by painters and homeowners nationwide for over 40 years. For more information on the Wedgevent System, visit the Wedgevent website.


Donald R. Ross & Son can restore your home to it's original beauty with a precision painting job that adds value and beauty to your home. As inventors of the patented Wedgevent system, we can diagnose and prevent moisture problems in addition to painting and restoration for a paint job that stands the test of time.

Once we finish painting your home, we can keep it looking freshly-painted with our maintenance service, saving you time and money.

Here are some examples of Donald R. Ross restoration projects:

DR Ross & Son Clapboard Restoration Project

men working


DR Ross & Son Cedar Shingles Restoration Project

cedar shingles


Painting and Paint Removal

Our professional painters will prepare the surface of your home to maximize the results of your new finish and beautify your home. Once the preparation process is complete, we’ll paint or finish your home to your specifications.

Solving Moisture Problems

If your home has problems like premature paint peeling, water blisters, cedar bleed or rusty nails, you could have a moisture problem. Donald R. Ross and Son can examine your home for signs of moisture problems and solve them with our patented WedgeVent System, saving you money and time in the maintenance of your home.

Power Washing

We can power wash your entire home including decks and walkways to clean all outdoor surfaces and remove mildew, loose paint, and stains.

Maintenance Service

Let us keep your home in tip-top shape with our yearly maintenance service. We’ll power wash your entire home including decks and walkways, clean your gutters and perform preventative maintenance such as repairing damaged paint and light carpentry to keep your home looking pristine year after year.